Anastasia Elly Koldareva

Because of the War in Ukrania there are NO BulkBuy's at this moment from Russia
Anastasia can't send anything at the moment

There is NO stock for these books, the books are being ordered when the minimum number of books is reached, because of the personalize of the books by Anastasia herself, I will order the books and she will send them to me.
When the books arrive here, I will package them and send the books to you.
Please be patient, the books are absolutely worth the wait!

The coloring books of the great Russian Artist Anastasia Elly Koldareva are sold exclusively as a groupbuy (Bulkbuy)!

This is because I have the books signed for each buyer, so your name and a short message will appear in the book when you receive it.

What is a groupbuy? (Also known as Bulkbuy)
This is a bulk (large number) purchased quantity of books by one person, in this case by me, in addition, all books are paid to the artist in advance, if the minimum order amount is reached, I will only order the books and pay at the publisher or artist.

Then the books are often signed and / or personalized, so sometimes your name is asked for in the book and when this has been done and everything has been paid for it is sent to me. When everything is in my house, the books are packed, packed and sent to the buyers.

With every order I put a little something in your package as a thank you and trust that you have placed an order.

Also read the General Terms and Conditions for all rules.

Explanation of price increase Anastasia Koldareva books: Unfortunately I have now had to pay an extra amount three times, this amounts to more than 1 euro per book ... It was not a problem, but this is a non-profit webshop and the little bit of what I 'earn' is immediately put back into the costs and packaging. Unfortunately, this promotion forced me to increase the price.

Very important!
First a minimum number must be ordered / sold, before I can order from Anastasia, the faster this number is achieved, the faster I can start ordering. The order is passed on to Anastasia and she writes your name, her signature and a message. Then the books will be packed and sent to me.
Because Russia does not leave planes with mail every day, the delivery time to me takes quite a bit of time ... this can be between 3 weeks after order / payment from me, up to more than a month. Take this into account. I will keep everyone informed on the special Facebook page.
Once it is with me, I will sort everything out, pack it nicely and securely and send it to you, you will automatically receive an email with the tracking code if it has been issued to PostNL. In general, all books are gone from me within two working days and on their way to you!

*) Due to this personal touch it is no longer possible to cancel once I have placed / paid the order to Anastasia.


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