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Please read this carefully, very important!

This is not a web shop as you are used to, I organize group buys, this means paying in advance and when all payments are in, the order will only be placed with the artist / supplier / publisher. Everything I earn extra on a group buy is immediately invested in everything that is needed to run a webshop, so I am a Non-Profit company.

As a result, some different rules apply than with normal websites, this webshop is made for convenience.

Explenation Bulkbuy:
I run a Groupbuy in this webshop, when i get the nessesary amount of books (and they are all payed) I can send my order to the artist or printer and I can pay them. Then it is waiting to get to me and when it does, I mostly package the items and send it within two working days to the buyers. So I have no to limited books here. All groupbuys are pre-sale.

- All orders must be paid in advance, this can be done by bank transfer pay directly with iDEAL, PayPal, Klarna (afterwards) and Bancontact (Belgium).

- By clicking the button `Order now!` you agree to the general terms and conditions and you have a payment obligation.

- Payment via Klarna / Postpay is not convenient with the (long) group buys.
Klarna has an end date and I will therefore start collecting the amount before the end date, even if the book is not yet with me.
How to take this into account! (If the book arrives before this end date, it will of course be collected once the book is shipped to you.)

- All books are only paid tot he artist/publisher after all payments have been made to me*, this means that the order can only be placed after a while. When the relevant agency has received all payments, it will be sent to me. As soon as it reaches me, I will check everything, pack it nicely, pack it neatly and send it to the buyer (this takes about two working days).
Because I have to wait until I have a minimum order quantity, it can take a while before the package is with me and I can distribute it.

- For payments via iDEAL, PayPal or Bancontact, the paid `payment costs` will be withheld after cancellation of your paid order, these are the costs I incurred for this payment option, because I am a non-profit company, I am forced to therefore also to be charged for reimbursement.

- Unfortunately it often happens that someone creates two orders / invoices and paid via iDEAL ...
Please contact me to add something to your invoice, otherwise I will be forced to deduct a small amount (or the additional payment costs) for the extra payment / invoice when returning. This is due to the double assessment via iDEAL, PayPal, Klarna or Bancontact, which I do have to pay.

*) Usually there is a minimum order quantity, because the divided costs are then the cheapest and I can offer the books for that price. So I have to wait until I get to the minimum to order from the artist.
Money back or Reflection time:
- Unfortunately, I cannot give a refund and you do not have a cooling-off period if the order has been placed with the artist / publisher, because I do not have a normal webshop, but a group buy (Bulk-Buy) webshop.
But if you are on time (before I have placed the order and paid), there is of course always something to be arranged, provided the buyer comes with a good reason.

Shipping and shipping costs:
- Shipping will only be send with insured shipping from January 2020, see the right shipping amount at checkout
Additional: With all orders you will receive a nice little gift from me, as a thank you for your order and your trust in me. Of course I pack every book nicely for you and make sure it is sent to you properly packaged.
Update January 2021: I will not be sending to the UK anymore, because the time and extra costs don`t make it cheaper anymore...sorry!
USA: I DON`T ship to the United States, but I will send you a PDF if you order a "Theftcard" from me.

Privacy and data:
- All information that you provide, such as your address details, etc., will only be stored and used to send your order and for any newsletters. These are not sold to third parties. So you can safely create an account, it is easier to find the old orders and you do not have to fill in everything again.

These conditions will be further adjusted if necessary.
(Updated: January 2021)

(Download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF document.)


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