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Welcome on my new shop page. On this page I offer my groupsbuy to you.

PLEASE READ THIS if you want to order from the UK:
I don't send to the UK anymore, because the costs are to big and I have to do to much paperwork before sending, so it is not affordable for me anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For now I send to home addresses in:
Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Portugal, if you would like to order from another European country, please contact me and we can discuss it...

What is a Groupsbuy? (Also known as a BulkBuy)
A groupsbuy is a bulk purchase from one person (in this case me), that is why the costs are a lot lower than when you buy the book through Etsy from the artist. This is usually the case for Dutch addresses, european addresses may cost more. Please contact me if you want more information.
I buy foreign coloring books from foreign artists, these books have a good quality and the price for these books are from about € 15,00 on.

Normally I host 1-3 groupsbuy's at once, these buy's have different rules, other than buying in a shop/webshop, groupsbuy's are payed in forehand, if I received all the payments, then I will give the amount and payment to the artist and they send me the books. When i received the books, I will wrap the books nicely and you get a thank you gift from me with every book too. Than I will package the book and send it to you.

We DON'T ship outside of Europe! (your order will be cancelled and the costs will be deducted)

You need to pay the Groupbuy's before I am going to order them at the artist or the publisher.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Enjoy the webshop and happy coloring!


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